Ginger Spices up Memorial Day in Washington DC!

DC CollageSpending so much time in Washington DC was amazing, especially being there for Memorial Day (which I’ll talk about a bit later)! The city was glimmering with patriotism and you couldn’t help but smile and wave at everyone walking by. Mark and I had some fun moments visiting Bhakti fans at Whole Foods Market, Core Power Yoga Studio, Extend Yoga, participating in DC’s Bike To Work Day and being featured on Good Morning Washington’s Food Truck Friday series!


A stand out day for me was definitely the Harley Davidson gathering for Memorial Day. I’ve never seen so many motorcycles before, and I sure stood out like a sore thumb! It was great though, because so many people were interested in meeting me and trying Bhakti’s delicious chai. I have to say, I felt pretty special because most of the streets were blocked off except for the bikers, but they let me through the barricades and I got to pose as an official biker chick! I’ve never felt so cool before.


I also loved the Memorial Day block party in Takoma, everyone on Memorial Day was feeling extra patriotic, and the energy was infectious! To top it off, I was featured on TV (again)! After having some practice in Miami, I felt much more comfortable on camera this time. ABC’s Good Morning Washington does a Friday Food Truck series and they were anxious to meet me and find out more about what a Tuk Tuk is. I was really excited to meet them, and even though I’m not technically a food truck, it was fun to be featured and spread the Bhakti love to everyone in Washington D.C! You can check out the video feature below…



Overall, I loved spending so much time in this city, and when Mark and I left I felt a deeper sense of commitment to my Bhakti (devotion) by truly knowing this tour is not only spreading our delicious chai, but how much we are committed to making a positive difference in this world by sharing our social mission too.

Stay tuned to hear about Red Sox Nation when we visit Boston this week!


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My Weekend of Fame in Miami

So, one thing is certain about the reputation of Miami – everyone is sexy! And I don’t mean sexy in appearance (though there were plenty of beautiful people around), they are sexy in attitude and the way they carry themselves. It gave me some inspiration, and a boost of confidence, which I really needed to prepare myself to meet Chris Van Vliet -3-time Emmy Award winning entertainment reporter for Deco Drive on WSVN FOX in Miami (and Cosmo’s Bachelor of the year)!


I was beyond excited that he was going to drive me around town, and that I’d be featured on the news! Be sure to check out the video footage from this amazing experience. Miami will always be remembered as the time I became famous.


Perhaps it was my new glowing radiance post-interview with Chris, but after a quick photo-shoot with an amazing backdrop, GoPro happened to think I was looking fab enough to give us some love on Instagram! Mark and I love tuk tuk peace and justice miamidocumenting our experiences and adventures with the GoPro HERO4, and we were psyched to be getting attention from them! The excitement and buzz carried me through the weekend as Mark and I hit up the boardwalk on South Beach and handed out chai to beach goers, and also zenned out with the yogis at Green Monkey Yoga. We were so caught up in the moment that we forgot to take pictures, but let me tell you, Green Monkey Yoga is amazing!


I also was equally inspired at our stop at Girl Power Miami, where we hung out with someDCIM100GOPROGOPR0935. amazing and sassy young women, and I was decorated with so much love and literal girl power on my devotion board! It’s amazing what programs like Girl Power can do and the impact they have in local communities. I was so thrilled to be part of that experience and to be able to give a donation to help Girl Power continue making a difference in the lives of these amazing young ladies.




Our Miami trip topped off with a sampling bonanza at Whole Foods South Beach where we met some amazing fans. It really couldn’t have been a better weekend, and as bittersweet as it was to hit the road again, I am really looking forward to spending some time in our Nation’s capital this week!


Be sure to check in with our social channels to track my next adventures in D.C. You can get live updates on the tour by using #MeetGinger and #TukTukTour on Instagram and Twitter. So, in the spirit of Jack Kerouac, “Live, travel, adventure, bless, and don’t be sorry.”


Until next time!

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The Ripple Effect – Acts of Kindness From Our Retail Partners


retailer CollageEvery decision we make has a ripple effect and impacts the world around us. No matter how big or small, the way we interact with each other on a daily basis can, and does make a difference. Our goal on this nation-wide Tuk Tuk tour is to start a ripple effect by not only introducing people to our amazing and sustainable chai but to share our social mission – our devotion through social action, which we hope ripples through communities across the country.


Our retail partners are such a huge part of our success in making these goals a reality and we want to dedicate this post to them!  Just last week in Atlanta Mark and I were in a pickle to get thousands of our chai minis refrigerated when the sprinter van broke down. Over thirty boxes would go to waste if Mark couldn’t figure out a way to refrigerate them so he went directly to our friends at Whole Foods on Ponce and met Tyrell, who didn’t even hesitate to say yes! We were ecstatic and amazed at his willingness to help us out and just a few days later Michael, the Dairy Manager (pictured below) helped Mark load all the boxes back in the van for us.  It’s moments like this where you truly appreciate small acts of kindness. Tyrell and Michael became our Angels in Atlanta.

mark and michael


So many other retail stores and their staff have shown so much kindness and support in our mission including Whole Foods, The Fresh Market, Earth Fare, Sprouts and all the incredible Co-ops and cafés we have stopped at. We are humbled by how excited everyone is when we arrive at their store, and how all the staff have embraced us, even when things don’t always go as planned. We appreciate you everyday, and just wanted to say thanks from the bottom of our heart.

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The Bhakti Buzz Hits Bourbon Street in NOLA

Smiles - crazy pants poloroidI didn’t quite know what I was in for when I hit the streets of New Orleans last week. Easter morning started out innocent enough with some yoga at Wild Lotus Yoga Studio. Mark and I were really excited to meet the yogis there and they were extremely friendly and so excited about my ice-cold Bhakti Chai, especially the teacher who buys our delicious, fiery chai at the New Orleans Food Co-op. From yoga, Mark and I went to go convert new Bhakti fans at the Easter Parade in the French Quarter. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but needless to say after weeks of more or less innocent experiences, the Easter Parade, which ended up to be more like a Mardi Gras party definitely burst my innocent bubble.


Mark and I caught the end of the parade, but pedestrians were still casually walking in the middle of the street, like it was a normal thing to do. I couldn’t believe it! The cars and I were forced to move at a snail’s pace (which is good for me considering I can only go 25 mph) as people sauntered up and down Bourbon Street with Daiquiris in hand. Despite the drinks they already had, passersby couldn’t get enough of my chai! The more people Streets of NOLA Polaroidthat stopped us in the street, the more attention we got, and suddenly I was overwhelmed with new fans while Mark handed out as many mini iced chai’s as he could. Even the pedicab drivers were loving us, making several laps around the block, and after our second pass down Bourbon Street people were yelling out “Hey, it’s the chai guy!” Mark and I were famous!


It was soon after this that people began tossing my mini chai samples up to onlookers on balconies in exchange for beads… and that’s how I ended up with my purple strand. Can’t say it was a bad trade, and now I have something to remember New Orleans by, as if I needed a reminder at all. New Orleans is sort of it’s own little country in many ways… between the architecture, culture, and exuberant celebration of holidays, I’d have to say NOLA is one of the more unique cities in the U.S. Through all of the commotion and activity I think it’s safe to say that the good people of New Orleans know about Bhakti and the friendly “chai guy”. Mission successful!


NOLA Bhakti fans - poloroidAs wild and crazy as this city can be, the passion and energy is infectious, and the people here are genuinely kind – in fact, hugs between strangers are a regular commodity. I’ve never seen so many smiling faces, and the people I met here are now friends I will never forget! As I look forward to my next adventure in Atlanta, NOLA will definitely carry a special place in my heart.


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P.S. Catch me in Atlanta later this week around town and at the Festival on Ponce on Saturday, April 11th!


My Travels Through Texas: Time to Relax, Rejuvenate & Reconnect

Brand Shots - Austin Week 2There are times when our days are full of excitement and endless activities – just like last week at SXSW – that it’s easy to get caught up and let life fly by. As fun as it all was, I was looking forward to experiencing some quiet time and sunshine during my last week in Austin.


Spring is an excellent time to move with the flow of the season and begin to reconnect again. When life around us is blooming, there is a wonderful opportunity to get grounded, renew and reaffirm what we are committed to. To remind ourselves of our purpose, our Bhakti (devotion). As Ginger, the Tuk Tuk, my Bhakti is to spread the joy and the love of what Bhakti Chai is all about: Showing our gratitude and appreciation to our dedicated fans, and creating new fans along the way. It’s about building lasting relationships, trust and showing our dedication to quality, sustainability and giving back to those in need. While the goal on this amazing cross-country tour is bringing delicious, spicy and fiery chai to you, your friends and family, the mission will always be rooted in spreading our devotion to you; our devotion to creating lasting change through social action and inspiring that in others.


So, as I wrapped up my last week in Austin, with a little downtime, sunshine, saltwater and an amazing om day with our friends at the Core Power Yoga Triangle Studio, it helped me to realize why Mark and I are spending ten months on the road across twenty cities. We are doing it because we love our fans and the devotees we have not yet met!scrapbook




I can’t wait to experience so many other wonderful cities, including Houston and New Orleans this week! Stay tuned to hear more about my adventures as the journey unfolds. Don’t forget to follow Bhakti Chai on Twitter and Instagram and use #MeetGinger and #TukTukTour to find out where I am next!


With love and gratitude,

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Track the Tuk – Ginger Goes to SXSW!

MeetGinger - Austin SXSW

We went to Austin last week anticipating higher temperatures and sun on our faces, but we got rain instead… Every. Single. Day. That however, didn’t stop anyone from having the best time ever, and enjoying my free Bhakti Chai minis. Despite the gloomy weather, the show at SXSW definitely did go on, and everyone I met was full of smiles! I also have to say that SXSW was more amazing than I ever thought it could be. I met the most incredible and warm hearted people, not to mention the artists that performed during the Quantum Party were so talented!


We mingled with our friends at Whole Foods and Whole Planet FoundationSaved Series, GoPro, Red Boot PR, Justin’s and so many others! I made a lot of new friends too, as you can see from all the photos. Bhakti Chai fans are some of the best people on the planet and are more than happy to spread the Bhakti Love. I have no doubt that the people of Austin will be hooked for life! I’m so excited too, because I still have another weekend to enjoy Austin, and hopefully at some point the sun will come out!


Don’t forget to follow all my fun on Instagram and Twitter by using #MeetGinger and #TukTukTour to find out where I’m heading. Next week Mark and I will be off to Houston, so stay tuned for my specific locations so you can say hi and get your free Bhakti Chai!

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Track the Tuk: Ginger Lands in Austin

ginger to SXSW - 1st blogWelcome to day one of my journey! I’ve finally landed in Austin, and am proud to announce that I’m officially the first ever electric Tuk Tuk in the U.S.! What is a Tuk Tuk you ask? Well, other than being fabulously decorated in Bhakti Chai regalia, I am a three-wheeled motorized vehicle that is traditionally used as a taxi in India. But you can think of me as a vehicle for spreading the Bhakti love as I embark on a 20 city adventure over the next 10 months to share Bhakti’s delicious, fiery and sustainable chai with fans and non-profits along with tons of Bhakti swag!

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