• Sustainability

    Bhati Chai teas
    Our dry tea matches our modern mobile lifestyles while remaining consistent with Bhakti Chai’s zero-waste manufacturing process: Every ingredient and material in our dry tea tins is recyclable or compostable, and the spicy ginger pellets in each tea bag are repurposed from the fresh-pressed ginger pulp yielded by our concentrate. Plus, you can reuse our beautiful recycled steel canister!
  • Blogger Love

    Ashley Brook image cropped
    Ashley Brooke Designs shares her experience of sipping her first Bhakti Chai latte in her amazing blog: "When I was in Aspen a few weeks ago, I went to this restaurant called Meat and Cheese (hello, heaven!) and ordered a chai tea latte, and I am going to be real with you here–it was the best freaking thing I have ever had. Seriously." more.
  • India in a Bottle

    Indian Tuk Tuk
    Travel and transportation through India can be challenging. At times, it can be a frightening ordeal that leaves you speechless, questioning why you would subject yourself to such unnecessary distress. Here, the Traveling Canucks walk you through a typical tuk-tuk experience in India!