Bhakti Chai offers three product lines available at retail stores across the country:

NEW -Bhakti Chai Dry Tea Tins

Inspired by a ski hut trip in Colorado, where transporting Bhakti liquid products while propelling uphill seemed strenuous but necessary, we blended our repurposed ginger with black tea and fiery spices and the same Bhakti buzz brewed up! Now, all of our hiking, camping, traveling, and tea drinking fans can brew up a cup anywhere on earth.
Bhakti Chai Dry Teas


Quart and Half-Gallon Bhakti Chai concentrate containers are available in the refrigerated section of Whole Foods stores and many independent/specialty grocers. The concentrate can be blended with milk or a non-dairy beverage at a 1:1 ratio.

Ready-to-Drink Iced Bottles

Iced Bhakti Chai ready-to-drink bottles infuse Fair Trade Certified black tea, fresh-pressed organic ginger, and fiery spices with a touch of soy milk. Available in the grab-n-go section of grocery stores, it’s the perfect way to get your Bhakti “buzz” while you’re on-the-go!

Ice Cream

Boulder Ice Cream created this decadent treat which blends organic fresh pressed ginger juice, freshly milled organic cardamom, our signature Bhakti spice blend and, of course, chocolate morsels.  It contains no black tea, so it’s caffeine-free.

  • Fan Focus

    Bhakti Chai Fan
    Recent email from a Bhakti fan ~ a "must read"! I started drinking Bhakti while working part time at a local coffee shop. First, I drank it chilled, savoring the interplay between the icy and the spicy. Before too long I started drinking it hot, unwilling to dilute it with even one cube of ice. I shaved my mustache when I realized that drops of my beloved Bhakti were being caught by my whiskers. Afterwards, I cried as I gulped down a bhakti margarita, but my salty tears only made it taste better : ( The rest of my progression toward Bhakti fanatic is too painful to write. Suffice it to say that I'm drinking it straight now. I fear the day when even that won't be enough. What's next? Intravenous Bhakti injections?!? I anticipate the day when Bhakti Chai replaces water as the beverage most necessary to human life. All the Best, K
  • Living Your Bhakti

    otm closeup
    Amanda Stuermer of World Muse received her $2,500 "Living Your Bhakti" grant check this week in Ojai, CA at the Off The Mat Into The World Leadership Training.  Amanda celebrated with Seane Corne and the rest of the OTM leaders over a hot cup-o-Bhakti! Cheers, Amanda!
  • Video: Bhakti Bottling Line

    Bhakti Chai Bottling Line