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Hundreds of cafes and coffee shops around the country are serving Bhakti Chai to their customers each day. Our spicy blend offers a delicious, new flavor profile to your menu.

“There simply is not a better chai on the market. Bhakti has that fresh, fiery snap you can’t get from any other chai. They’re a local hero for chai lovers everywhere!”
~ Greg, Owner of Ozo Coffee, Boulder


Gallon-size Bhakti Chai Concentrate containers are available wholesale and yield two gallons of chai as the Concentrate is blended with milk or a non-dairy beverage at a 1:1 ratio.


“There are a lot of great options for chai in San Francisco but the Bhakti balance of spices and a clean, ginger-forward profile lends itself well to milk, soy and almond milk. We prefer to buy local but will not compromise on buying the best.”

Coffee Bar, San Francisco



If you are interested in serving Bhakti Chai at your café or coffee shop, please tell us a little about yourself and we’ll be in touch with you right away!

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Retail Accounts

Bhakti Chai offers three product lines for retail stores across the country. If you are interested in carrying our products in your store, please contact Jacki Litz at jacki@bhaktichai.com

Quart and half-gallon Concentrate containers are available for the refrigerated section of your retail store or co-op.BhatiChai_quarts
Ready to Drink Iced Bottles
Perfect for the grab n’ go section of your store, these 16 oz bottles infuse Bhakti Chai Concentrate with either Non-GMO soy or Almond milk for consumers to grab when they’re on-the-go. Available in 6 flavors.Bhakti Chai ready to drink
NEW Bhakti Chai Packaged Tea Tins
Inspired by a ski hut trip in Colorado, where transporting Bhakti liquid products while propelling uphill seemed strenuous but necessary, we blended our repurposed ginger with black tea and fiery spices and the same Bhakti buzz brewed up! Now, all of our hiking, camping, traveling, and tea drinking fans can brew up a cup anywhere on earth.Bhakti Chai teas
Ice Cream
Boulder Ice Cream created this decadent treat which blends organic fresh pressed ginger juice, freshly milled organic cardamom, our signature Bhakti spice blend and, of course, chocolate morsels. It contains no black tea, so it’s caffeine-free.Bhakti Chai icecream
Bhakti Chai is a perishable product. Shelf life of all products is 15 weeks.
  • Sustainability

    Bhati Chai teas
    Our dry tea matches our modern mobile lifestyles while remaining consistent with Bhakti Chai’s zero-waste manufacturing process: Every ingredient and material in our dry tea tins is recyclable or compostable, and the spicy ginger pellets in each tea bag are repurposed from the fresh-pressed ginger pulp yielded by our concentrate. Plus, you can reuse our beautiful recycled steel canister!
  • Living Your Bhakti

    We are proud to announce Katherine Vining as the recipient of our 2014 “Living Your Bhakti” grant! Katherine’s devotion, or her Bhakti, is to pursue a career as a Sustainability Strategist who consults with both municipal governments and agricultural operations  to develop climate action plans. We are thrilled to be part of her journey and wish her the best of luck at Presidio Graduate School!
  • Recipe Highlight

    Bhakti Pecan Pie cropped
    Bhakti Chai Pecan Pie is the most scrumptious treat! Amy Wyatt, of The Little Bird Bake Shop in Fort Collins, CO created this delicacy just for us.  The crust is flaky, the pecan filling is perfectly spicy and sweet. It's the PERFECT dessert for the holidays!