• Blogger Love

    Ashley Brook image cropped
    Ashley Brooke Designs shares her experience of sipping her first Bhakti Chai latte in her amazing blog: "When I was in Aspen a few weeks ago, I went to this restaurant called Meat and Cheese (hello, heaven!) and ordered a chai tea latte, and I am going to be real with you here–it was the best freaking thing I have ever had. Seriously."...read more.
  • Bhakti on the Road

    expo 2015
    We are thrilled to be hosting the Friday Yoga Morning at the Natural Products Expo West again this year, alongside an incredible duo: MC Yogi and Janet Stone!   It’s the most amazing way to kick-off the weekend — we hope you can join us!
  • Give the Gift of Bhakti

    Pick out one of five beautiful gift sets for the chai lover in your life. Visit our online shop to order.