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Products FAQ

1. My store doesn’t carry Bhakti Chai! Help!

We’re with you – we want to see Bhakti Chai products on every shelf too! We’re working to introduce our spicy brew to new stores, but you can help speed up our expansion by speaking to the Dairy Manager where you shop about Bhakti Chai! It’s great for them to hear directly from you about what products you’re looking for!

2. What does Bhakti mean?

Bhakti is Sanskrit for “devotion”. We practice living the values of Bhakti through conscientious business practices and through our devotion to social action. Every year we support a wide range of nonprofit organizations that invest in women, girls and the environment. See our list of grantees here.

3. Is Bhakti Chai gluten-free?


4. What distinguishes Bhakti Chai from other chai?

Bhakti Chai is the only fresh chai on the market – we do not use preservatives.  We use FRESH pressed organic ginger (never powdered) and fiery spices. We do not use syrups or powders.

5. What are the Ayurvedic benefits to drinking Bhakti Chai?

sanskrit-orange_150In the ancient Indian healing system known as Ayurveda, chai is believed to awaken the mind and body. All of the ingredients in Bhakti Chai have elements of heat, or “agni”, which refers to the transformative energy of fire.

6. What does “Fair Trade” mean?

Fair Trade is a tool for reducing poverty in developing nations. It’s a form of trade that builds equitable and long-term partnerships between producers in developing regions of the world and consumers in the Northern Hemisphere.  Fair Trade Certified products, like Bhakti Chai, receive third party certification by FairTradeUSA.

7. What is the caffeine content in Bhakti Chai?

A 16-oz ready-to-drink bottle of Bhakti Chai in Original and Semi-Sweet flavors contains only 38 mg of caffeine and the Coffee-Blend has 42mg.  By comparison, a Starbucks cup of coffee is roughly 125 mg.

8. What is the shelf life of Bhakti Chai?

Because our products are made fresh, they need to remain refrigerated and do have a shelf-life of 15 weeks. You can find the “Best By” date on the lid or back panel of all of our products. The concentrates will be consumable for 1-2 weeks after this “best buy” date as long as the product has remained refrigerated.  You can also extend the shelf-life of Bhakti Chai concentrate by freezing it.  Just shake well and pour bit out before freezing to accommodate for expansion.

9. What is in the Ready-To-Drink Iced Bhakti Chai bottles?

For our popular ready-to-drink Iced Chai, we blend our Bhakti Chai Concentrate (Fair Trade Certified black tea, organic fresh pressed ginger, fiery spices) with either a Non-GMO soy milk or Almond milk from Califia Farms.

10. Can I freeze Bhakti Chai?

Yes! Freezing will preserve the freshness. We recommend only freezing our concentrates. Please take precautions in what container you use to freeze Bhakti and make sure to leave enough room at the top.

11. Where can I buy Bhakti Chai?

bhakti_emily_smileBhakti Chai is available …

  • By the cup in cafés, restaurants and independent grocery stores throughout the US.
  • In a concentrate or in ready-to-drink bottles at Whole Foods Markets and independent/specialty grocers around the country (we are always expanding so make sure to check our locations map periodically!).
  • Find Bhakti near you!

12. How do I get Bhakti Chai if it’s not sold near me?

We ship our Concentrate everywhere in the US, so you can have Bhakti delivered to your door! You can purchase Bhakti Chai online!  If you have a cafe or coffee shop in your area that you think would  be a good fit for serving Bhakti Chai, please email name/location details to Austin Doll at

13. How do I get more involved with Bhakti Chai?

If you love Bhakti Chai and can’t stop wanting to share it with everyone you know, you may be the perfect candidate for our Ambassador Program. Basically, we send you a lot of great Bhakti Chai gear and coupons, you share the love and send us photos and stuff of your friends getting their Bhakti Chai “buzz” on.

14. What is the best way to be informed of product offers and/or free shipping promotions?

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  • Our New Social Giving Platform

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    GITA means “Share Your Story” in Sanskrit and is the foundation for Bhakti Chai’s platform for positive social change.  G.I.T.A. stands for “Give”, “Inspire”, “Take Action” — the embodiment of what Bhakti Chai intends to do with the the Gita Giving project.