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Bhakti offers four flavors of Gallon Concentrate to cafés and restaurants across the country:


Gallon-size Bhakti Chai Concentrate containers are available for use in food service locations; the Concentrate can be blended with milk or a non-dairy beverage at a 1:1 ratio.

Bhakti Chai is a perishable product. Shelf life of Bhakti Chai Concentrate: 14 weeks


Iced Bhakti Chai ready-to-drink bottles infuse Fair Trade Certified black tea, fresh-pressed organic ginger, and fiery spices with a touch of soy milk. Available in the grab-n-go section of grocery stores, it’s the perfect way to get your Bhakti “buzz” while you’re on-the-go! Bhakti Chai is a perishable product. Shelf life of Iced Bhakti Chai: 8 weeks

“Shake Me Before You Make Me” – A Short Film

1. Shake  2. Mix/Steam 3. Serve

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