Bhakti Chai Foodservice


Bhakti offers four flavors of Gallon Concentrate to cafés and restaurants across the country:


Gallon-size Bhakti Chai Concentrate containers are available for use in food service locations; the Concentrate can be blended with milk or a non-dairy beverage at a 1:1 ratio.

Bhakti Chai is a perishable product. Shelf life of Bhakti Chai Concentrate: 14 weeks


Iced Bhakti Chai ready-to-drink bottles infuse Fair Trade Certified black tea, fresh-pressed organic ginger, and fiery spices with a touch of soy milk. Available in the grab-n-go section of grocery stores, it’s the perfect way to get your Bhakti “buzz” while you’re on-the-go! Bhakti Chai is a perishable product. Shelf life of Iced Bhakti Chai: 8 weeks

“Shake Me Before You Make Me” – A Short Film

1. Shake  2. Mix/Steam 3. Serve

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  • Bhakti in the House

    You can now get Bhakti Chai at Dark Horse Coffee Roasters in San Diego! We love Dark Horse's commitment to an authentic, Kauai-style specialty coffee. Order a dirty Dark Horse Bhakti Chai and you have the best of both worlds!  
  • Living Your Bhakti

    otm closeup
    Amanda Stuermer of World Muse received her $2,500 "Living Your Bhakti" grant check this week in Ojai, CA at the Off The Mat Into The World Leadership Training.  Amanda celebrated with Seane Corne and the rest of the OTM leaders over a hot cup-o-Bhakti! Cheers, Amanda!
  • Fan Focus

    olivia and caroline bhaktifest madison
    Love from Olivia....blogger, writer for LA Yoga and a Bhakti Chai Ambassador! "While at Bhaktifest in Madison, Wisconsin I had to stop by for a hug from some of my favorite vendors that have since become festival friends.  Bhakti Chai is a company that not only has an amazing product that is fair trade, organic and delicious, but also supports global sustainability incorporating conscious practices into business.  I am thrilled to partner up with such an integral company with a product I love."