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“Best Chai Latte In History”

One of our favorite things about being part of the Bhakti Chai crew is hearing the amazing stories of when people first found and fell in love with our delicious, unique brew.   Ashley Brooke, a sassy, gorgeous blogger that … Read more >

be awesome help girls

#OperationGirl: Be Awesome. Help Girls.

Educating girls globally is one of the top ranked social investments of our time. While this has always been a funding priority for us at Bhakti Chai, we’re thrilled to support Edge of Seven in their #OperationGirl campaign. Read more >

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Follow your bliss…right off that cliff.

I wish I could say I learned to take risks on a summer night with mushrooms as my guide, or traveling on the night train in India with a risk guru. But, really, it was business that forced me to drop the drug of risky behavior. Read more >

bin 707 foodbar

Behind the Menu: Coffee and Tea with a cause

At Bin 707 Foodbar, we offer top of the line, local and domestic wines, beer and spirits. Did you know we also offer top of the line Colorado Owned coffees, and teas? As is true for all areas of Bin 707 Foodbar- we go out of our way to deliver you the best products available. This is why when it comes to espresso- we use Copper Door Coffee Roasters out of Denver, and when it comes to the perfect Chai- we serve Bhakti Chai out of Boulder. Read more >

Laura Henderson, Living Your Bhakti Leader

“Living My Bhakti”

Laura Henderson was chosen as Bhakti Chai’s Q2 “Living Your Bhakti” Leader. Here is her story on how she came to be living her purpose – or her “Bhakti”! Read more >

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The Bhakti Brand: Beautiful. Brazen. Brilliant.

Intimate Confessions
Sorry, Regular Tea, I’m just not that into you. You can tempt me with your gorgeous packaging and your delicate scent, but you just don’t bring the right texture and mouthfeel to the table. The delectable mixture of ginger, cardamom, black tea, sugar and milk ~ they were but stepping stones to True Love. Bhakti Chai Love. Now this was Tea with a capital B! Read more >

Brook and her kids in India

Bhakti Chai Founder Puts Investing in Women First

As a single mother starting my chai company, I knew from the inception that we needed to use Fair Trade Certified tea. Building a company that could, on some small level, help women build a business or save money for their daughter’s education wasn’t inspired merely by my own role as a mother. It was a poignant experience I had while visiting India that moved me to make a difference. Read more >