Certified B Corporation


Benefit corporations give business leaders legal protection to pursue a higher purpose than maximizing profit, they give investors additional rights to hold management accountable to create value for society, and they give the public greater transparency to protect against pretenders.

Bhakti Chai has recently become a Certified B Corporation. We are honored to hold this certification, as it demonstrates that our business has met a rigorous set of social and environmental performance standards, joining the ranks of a new type of corporation that harnesses the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. As a Certified B Corporation, we believe it’s important to show the difference between a good company and just good marketing. We are part of a growing movement of business leaders that see this as a big market opportunity, because a large and increasing number of people want to support a better way to do business — better for our workers, better for our communities, better for our environment.

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  • Living Your Bhakti

    We are proud to announce Katherine Vining as the recipient of our 2014 “Living Your Bhakti” grant! Katherine’s devotion, or her Bhakti, is to pursue a career as a Sustainability Strategist who consults with both municipal governments and agricultural operations  to develop climate action plans. We are thrilled to be part of her journey and wish her the best of luck at Presidio Graduate School!
  • Fan Focus

    olivia and caroline bhaktifest madison
    Love from Olivia....blogger, writer for LA Yoga and a Bhakti Chai Ambassador! "While at Bhaktifest in Madison, Wisconsin I had to stop by for a hug from some of my favorite vendors that have since become festival friends.  Bhakti Chai is a company that not only has an amazing product that is fair trade, organic and delicious, but also supports global sustainability incorporating conscious practices into business.  I am thrilled to partner up with such an integral company with a product I love."