October 2015: Fight Inflammation With These Post-Workout Refreshers

We love that Women's Running picked our spicy brew as a favorite thirst-quencher that fights inflammation!

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October 2015: 6 Delicious Fair Trade Foods Worth Supporting

Just in time for Fair Trade month, these goodies come from companies that practice sustainable farming methods, prohibit GMOs, and provide their workers with fair wages and safe working conditions. What’s not to love?

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May 2015: Natural-Product Businesses Thrive in Boulder, Naturally

Entrepreneurship in Boulder, Colorado, isn’t just business as usual; it’s a lifestyle.  Although Boulder is crowded with natural food brands, the community is collaborative rather than competitive because companies share similar values. And be it venture capital or nonprofit microlenders, Boulder has a community willing to inject money into new businesses, like when The Colorado Impact Fund made it's first investment in March 2015 to Bhakti Chai.

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March 2015: Boulder’s Bhakti Chai lands $3M from Colorado Impact Fund

A new venture capital fund created at the urging of Gov. John Hickenlooper has made its first investment — $3 million to Boulder-based Bhakti Chai.

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March 2015: Steep Progress: How fair trade is rebuilding the tea industry, one cup at a time.

Boulder, Colorado-based Bhakti Chai, which has grown sales by 48 percent in the past two years, is not only Fair Trade Certified and organic, but Non-GMO Project Verified and one of the first beverage businesses to become a Certified B Corporation four years ago. Companies with this designation voluntarily undergo a yearly audit assessing their measurable impact as well as social and environmental performance standards.

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February 2015: “Best Chai Latte In History”

Ashley Brooke, a sassy, gorgeous blogger that you have to check out, recently ordered a chai latte in Aspen and -- much to her surprise -- was served a Bhakti.  "My life will be forever changed." was how she explained this magical moment on her ABD blog. We couldn't be more thrilled to have a new fan in our midst.  Check out the blog here!

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